Deception Pass Camping

A camping trip with wife and dog.

For a couple of months, Jaime and I have been discussing whether or not we would go on a trip while I have this time away from work. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm planning a trip to PyCon 2015 in Montreal next week. As much fun as I'm sure PyCon will be, it's still a programming convention and more to the point Jaime won't be coming with me.

We decided early on in these conversations to do something low key as I just really wasn't that into anything large. Ultimately we decided we would go camping. Jaime and I don't get out of the city very often. When we do get out about four times a year, we enjoy a nice ride into the country and we usually take the dog along.

I asked Jaime to do most of the planning as I'm on this no stress, no planning, no organization, vacation kick. She looked around and found that one state park had decided to open it's water/restroom facilities early and had vacancy so we decided to go to Deception Pass State Park. As camping goes, it was pretty low-key and easy. We rented a Jeep, packed a cooler with some pre-organized meals (Rosemary Chicken with Corn on-the-cob and Blackened Salmon with Grilled Potatoes and Peppers), packed the tent, packed the dog, packed the dog cage and set off around 10AM.

A few hours later we were at... Wal-Mart - which I loathe. However, an hour or so after that we were at the park and setting up our tent.

The first night we mostly read, walked about the campground and looked at the stars. After cooking the Salmon we enjoyed a fire and a box of wine I'd gotten at a local convenience store on the way. Somehow a box of wine seemed appropriate to camping. The next day, we walked to the two beaches in the park, across a rather high driving/foot bridge during which I couldn't help but recall that Washington State receives a D- in bridge safety each year, and through a nature preserve off the side of the West beach. The second night we had a roaring fire and were toasting marshmallows when the sky opened up and we were treated to the sound of rain on a canvas tent into the wee hours as we read in our conjoined sleeping bags.

Very relaxing and very enjoyable time with three lessons learned:

  1. There is a Naval air base very near the park that seems to conduct FA-18 flyovers about every thirty minutes on week days until 5PM. While loud, they are interesting to watch.
  2. Lydia (the dog) is terrified of fire. Normally, she stays within fifteen feet of me if at all possible. As I lit the campfire on the first day she looked at me as if I was daft before trying to bodily push me away from the fire pit. Then, seeing that I was dead set on putting my life in danger, for the first time since we've had her she actually elected to stay inside her cage.
  3. When camping and fleeing for the tent in the sudden rain, it is very important that you take with you your shoes.

Photos follow,

- Eli